Rang Riwaj is one of the largest worldwide independent clothe fashion accessories retailer. We strive to provide our customers with quality goods and a quality service at an affordable price.

Our original Clothes and dresses go through a premium stitching service before being made available at our store in online so we sale World Wide and on our website as ready to wear women’s clothes fashion and dresses.

Keeping in mind the requirements and tastes of our clientele, certain elements such as low backs, drop shoulders and sleeveless dresses are adjusted to standard backs, standard shoulders and with sleeves attached.

Our dresses are stitched as per the style shown in brands’ fashion shoot images. Accessories and embellishments are included. However, as most of our collections are released unstitched by brands, it is not always possible to get identical accessories as those shown in images. Therefore, accessories may vary from images.

All our suits and dresses are recommended to be dry-cleaned to avoid any damage caused by washing.

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