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Say Goodbye to Gas: The 2024 Dodge Challenger Goes Electric

As the global paradigm shifts toward electric vehicles, Dodge is transitioning its iconic muscle cars for an entirely different era. Beginning with 2024’s Challenger and Charger models, which will trade Hemi V8 engines for an eMuscle powertrain.

Wood Motor CDJR will keep you up-to-date as more details about their 400V powertrain become available. They expect it to produce 670 hp and can be upgraded using two DC eStage Kit power level upgrades.

2024 Dodge Challenger Power

Dodge has long recognized that its traditional gas-powered muscle cars don’t compare favorably with electric models like Tesla’s. Now two years into the future, it appears as though their forthcoming all-electric Challenger will take this lesson seriously.

2024 Dodge Challenger Goes Electric
2024 Dodge Challenger Goes Electric

Engineers will assemble the new electric vehicle on an STLA large platform, offering three power levels – from base model 340 kW up to SRT Banshee at up to 800 horsepower! In addition, Dodge will offer Direct Connection eStage kits which can boost output even further for enhanced performance.

Hemi-powered Chargers and Challengers will continue to be offered through 2027 as part of a Last Call special edition series, but by 2024 all-electric EV models will have replaced them in production.

2024 Dodge Challenger Range

Experts anticipate the 2024 Dodge Challenger will boast a range of up to 500 miles depending on its battery type, giving drivers ample driving range on one charge for long trips while experiencing the special thrill of an electric vehicle.

Additionally, its multi-speed electromechanical transmission — known as an eRupt — will deliver “distinctive acceleration feel.” This should help to disprove the common perception that electric vehicles don’t roar like traditional V8s.

2024 Dodge Challenger Goes Electric
2024 Dodge Challenger Goes Electric

The Daytona SRT Concept’s exterior design echoes traditional muscle cars in terms of exterior aesthetic. Furthermore, this concept offers four seats within its three-door cabin as well as ample storage space and Attitude Adjustment Lighting that changes color based on driver mood.

2024 Dodge Challenger Performance

Dodge recognizes that the age of internal combustion engines (ICEs) will soon come to an end, and has prepared for it by offering an all-electric vehicle in 2024 to replace their Challenger and Charger models.

From what we can gather, this new electric vehicle from Dodge will have the look and feel of a muscle car. At Stellantis EV Day presentation we saw its concept vehicle sporting retro logos, along with aggressive bodywork that will excite fans of this legendary brand.

2024 Dodge Challenger Design

Dodge designers achieved this by designing the Challenger eMuscle to look exactly as one would expect of a muscle car while making sure it could also meet everyday tasks and requirements. A hatchback rear end makes for maximum practicality while folding down seats can increase cargo space further.

Not unlike traditional gas-powered muscle cars, electric vehicles do not feature exhaust pipes that create noise. To meet this obstacle, Dodge designed an innovative system called Fratzonic Chambered Exhaust that utilizes organ music to produce a unique sound resembling that of an AMC V8 through an effects pedal of a rock guitarist.

2024 Dodge Challenger
2024 Dodge Challenger

The 2024 Dodge Challenger Will Go Electric will feature Stellantis’ STLA Large Electric Platform, offering a 0-60 time of under two seconds and offering options to boost power and performance with eStage kits.

2024 Dodge Challenger Technology

As traditional gas-powered muscle cars become progressively less affordable due to government fuel economy regulations and stricter pollution requirements, EVs have increasingly replaced them. Although currently only a concept model, designers of the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept have already laid out many features which will eventually be available for buyers.

As evidenced by its power to pin you back in your seat just as forcefully as any V8, an electric motor can deliver just as powerful a punch to drivers’ backsides as its combustion counterpart. And while its noise does not replicate that of an exhaust pipe’s, Dodge engineers have devised an ingenious solution reminiscent of organ music: their one-of-a-kind performance sound system known as Fratzonic Chambered Exhaust (patent pending). This unique performance sound system utilizes air pulses to produce low thrumming tones reminiscent of what might come through a guitarist’s effects rig.


In conclusion, the announcement of the 2024 Dodge Challenger’s electric transformation is a significant move for the automotive industry. The new electric model will provide car enthusiasts with a sustainable and eco-friendly option, while still retaining the iconic muscle car look and feel. The 2024 Dodge Challenger electric model is expected to feature impressive hybrid technology and powertrain advancements, making it an exciting addition to the Dodge lineup.

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