Quotes Status for Mothers Day, Status SMS and Poems for Mother’s Day

Quotes About Mother, Status SMS and Poems

Quotes Status for Mothers Day: Dear viewers, today we are going to discuss a very important post with you. The post we are going to discuss today is status sms and poems about mother. This means that if you have come online to know about this, then you have come to the right website. There are many people who search for status with their mother. But there is no website in Bengali that can help you with many SMS statuses and poems at once. We have brought this post for you after knowing all these details. From here you can get all these things together. So if you love mom then you must know from this post.

Many people are currently searching for this topic online. So, from this post, they will be able to know the beautiful short poems about mother with SMS and status.

Mother'S Day Status Quotes
Quotes Status for Mothers Day

Mother’s Day Status with Mother

Here we are giving you some beautiful status of mother which are very beautiful. You can use all these statuses in any case. The closest person in the world is the mother. That is why in the case of expressing love to mother, many people give status to mother in different places including social media. In this case you can use our status.


Below are the Status

1. Mother means compassion, mother means power, mother means security, mother means assurance, mother means shelter, mother means all hope, mother means one-book love.

2. I love it when my mother smiles. But when my mother smiles because of me, it feels better. “

3. * The holiest thing in the world is “Al-Quran” * The most innocent thing is “Flower” * The most beautiful creature is “Man”… * The sweetest name is “Mother”


4. Childhood left, I remember today, you left me to take care of your job. How much i love you don’t hurt me i still love you and my “mother”

5. Love him – that’s why you saw the world … Love him The one who has kept you in the womb for 10 months and 10 days Love.. love him… the one under whose feet you have paradise… ….. She is ……… ..Mom …… ..

. So far, scientists have not been able to come up with any criteria for measuring love. If he could, there would be a selfless woman named “Ma” in the first place.


. I can be very stupid, I can be very bad student, I can be very long. But to my mother I am her best child.

. The world is very difficult, everyone leaves everyone, everyone forgets everyone, there is only one person who can’t leave and can’t forget. And there will be a whole life. That person is my mother.

9. Mom never thought I would go or stay anywhere without you. Today I have to live far away without you. I am in a lot of trouble. Mom you could have come to me but you can’t stay for the other children after a week. Mom miss you

Quotes Status for Mothers Day

Abraham Lincoln: “Whoever has a mother is never poor.”

George Washington – “The most beautiful woman I’ve ever met is my mother. I am forever indebted to my mother. All the achievements in my life are the result of the moral, intellectual, and physical education I received from him. ”

Joan Harris – “Children are like sharp knives. They hurt mothers even if they don’t want to.” And mothers stick with their children until their last drop of blood. ”

Diego Maradona: “My mom thinks I’m the best, and mom thinks she’s the best.”

The mother’s education is the foundation of the child’s future, the mother is the child’s best school

The famous French novelist Balzac said, “Mother’s heart is a deep refuge, where you can easily find the cool shade of love.” John Gay says, ‘Mother, mother-e, she has no other form.’

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Mother’s Day SMS with Mom

Are you looking for sms with mom? If you find it, you can get some of the best SMS about mom from here. We hope you enjoy the SMS. If you want you can use the SMS taken from here in case you need. The SMS itself has been given.

1: – If you want to be successful in life – Never hurt your parents

2: There are many ways to die. But there is only mother to be born.

3: If You Respect Your Parents Then your future generations will also respect you.

4: The Greatest Gift from God is “Mother”

5: Mother is such an asset ” If lost, it will not be found anywhere in the world.

6: Everyone can love, But no one can love like mother!

7: It is the husband’s responsibility to make his wife happy, but not without his parents. Of course, parents should be targeted. It is your responsibility as a child.

8: Behind the success of every student, their mother’s gossip, jhaka, shoes, etc. have a huge contribution.

9: No matter how old you are, your paradise is under your mother’s feet! So love the “mother”, never hurt.

10: Going to the old age home is not the mother’s misfortune, the misfortune of the child who could not think of paradise.

11: People who share everything with their mother never go astray!

12: The most peaceful place in the world is – (Mother’s lap)

13: The world is dark without mother, whose mother is alive. They say once, Alhamdulillah

14: Mom, Mom – answer a question?

Why is this World not like Yours?

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