Tesla Phone (Pi) 2023 5G: Official Price, Specs & Release Date

Tesla Phone (Pi) 2023 5G: Official Price, Specs & Release Date! Elon Musk’s company Tesla wants to include Smartphones in its product list. The Company CEO has already announced that the Tesla Phone Pi is going to be their first-ever Smartphone. It is going to be the most advanced invention of the present time. Hopefully, some special technology will be added.

It can work according to the thoughts of the human brain. It is going to be a touchless Pi Phone. It May include satellite-based internet technology. As a result, no SIM card will be needed. Tesla Pi Phone users are expected to be able to use the phone very easily even in the most remote and difficult places in the world.

Tesla Phone

Tesla Phone Pi is a high-end smartphone of “Elon Musk” powered by a powerful processor and comes with large storage. Every feature category in the Tesla device is attractive. Who are the people in the United States who want to buy a Tesla Pi handset? However, pre-orders for the Tesla Pi Phone are now available in the USA. So, stay with us and check the new Tesla Phone Price, Tesla Pi Release Date, Tesla Pi Design, Tesla Phone Features, And full specifications.

Tesla Phone Pi 2023 Short Specs:

Let me explain to you all the specs of Tesla’s new vehicle in brief. Parts of Tesla’s new device include the display, battery, camera, storage, and connectivity. Details are given below.

  • Display: The display is 6.8 inches Super AMOLED with 4K resolution. Corning Gorilla Glass 7 provides protection.
  • Battery: The Tesla Pi Phone Mobile has a large 7000mAh battery. Which has a fast charging of 65W this large-size battery will ensure a long usage time.
  • Camera: Offers a quad rear camera setup. Consists of a 50MP + 50MP +50MP. On the contrary, the Smartphone has another 40MP selfie lens.
  • Storage: This best Pi Phone has 8GB\12 GB RAM and 256/512 GB ROM.
  • Connectivity: ESIM supports 4G/5G technology.

New 2023 Upcoming Phone 5G Price And Release Date

New Tesla Phone Pi 2023 Specifications:

ModelModel Pi 2023
Made inUSA
Release DateDecember 2023
Network Type4G\5G
ProtectionCorning Gorilla Glass Victus 7
DisplaySUPER AMOLED 6.8 inches
Resolution1284×2778 Pixels
StorageRAM 8GB\12GB,ROM 256GB\512GB
CameraRear {50MP+50MP+50MP} Front 40 MP
Fast Charging100W
ChipsetTesla Processor
SensorsBarometer, Compass, Gyro, Proximity, Fingerprint, Accelerometer
Operating SystemTesla OS
Pixel Density458 PPi

Tesla Phone Release Date 2023

For the Tesla Phone lovers who are eagerly waiting for the release of this phone, here comes the Tesla phone update. The exact release date of the phone is yet to be revealed. However, the release date of the phone will be known in today’s discussion. From several international leaks, we learned that the phone is being manufactured by the company. The phone is still under construction, but we are hopeful to get this phone very soon. Tesla may release their first smartphone in December 2023. Which could be called the “Tesla Phone Pi”?

Tesla Phone Pi 2023 Price:

Tesla is going to appear before us with their new phone Tesla Model Pi soon. We are sure that this phone will be very popular among consumers. Expect it to sell in the millions! Price-wise, the Tesla Phone 2023 could cost between $800 and $1200 in the US. The estimated cost in Canada is about $1,088 CAN. Please be aware that these costs are only estimates and might fluctuate.

Country NameExpected Price
Tesla Phone 2023 Price in USA$800 – $1200 
Tesla Phone 2023 Price in UK£849,
Tesla Phone 2023 Price in CanadaCA$1,088.00
Tesla Phone 2023 Price in AustraliaAUD 1,120
Tesla Phone 2023 Price in Germany€752.00
Tesla Phone 2023 Price in QatarQAR 2,880
Tesla Phone 2023 Price in NigeriaNGN 666000
Tesla Phone 2023 Price in SingaporeSGD 1,072

Tesla Model Pi Camera Features:

This phone will have great features. The Tesla Pi Phone will have three cameras on the back with a 50-megapixel, 50-megapixel, and 50-megapixel camera. Also, the phone will have a 40-megapixel power camera as a front camera. The new technology of the Tesla Pi Phone is expected to present new adventures. Also, this camera can have 4K zooming quality. With its help, you can take very clear and clean pictures day or night. The pictures taken on it will not have any side effects. Tesla cameras are unsurpassed in capturing clear and unmistakable images.

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·         Tesla Pi Phone Price in Australia 2023

·         Tesla Pi Phone Price in Nigeria 2023

·         Tesla Pi Phone Price in Qatar 2023

·         Tesla Pi Phone Price in Canada 2023

·         Tesla Pi Phone Price in Malaysia 2023

Tesla Phone Pi Review:

Smartphone is an essential device nowadays. It has become an important part of our Social life. Consumers have to think about smartphone durability, product quality, phone camera, processor performance, battery ampere-hour, special features, etc. before buying a new smartphone. Let’s briefly look at the positive things about Tesla Mobile.

  • Amazing design and very Sweet sound system
  • 8″ punch hole QHD and 1284 x 2778 pixels high-resolution display
  • 7000 mAh large battery capacity
  • 65W fast charger
  • 8GB\12GB RAM,
  • 3D videos can play properly
  • Triple 50+50+50MP rear camera and 40 MP front
  • 5G and 4G networks are supported with great performance
  • In-display ultra-fast fingerprint and waterproof protection

How to Pre-Order the Tesla Model Pi?

The authority will announce a specific date for the pre-order before the launch of the Tesla Pi Phone 2023. You can pre-order the phone only after this announcement. The advantage of pre-ordering is that the phone will reach you before it reaches customers. This is mainly because the company will collect the list of pre-ordered customers and deliver the phone to them first. Later, the phone will be gradually delivered to all common people who are interested in buying it.

Tesla Pi Phone 2023 Images:

Tesla Phone Images

Tesla Model Pi Pre-Orders in USA 2023:

THE USA users can get the phone first by pre-ordering it. Tesla phone pre-orders haven’t started yet. Authorities have not yet confirmed the release date. But, you can get a chance to pre-order the Tesla Pi Phone 2023. The authority will publish an official store and e-commerce listing where customers can easily pre-order the Tesla Model Pi 2023. Here we will inform customers as soon as any official update comes.

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Where Can I Buy a Tesla Phone 2023?

There is a lot of curiosity surrounding the release date of the Tesla Pi Smartphone. There are interesting rumors about where and how to buy this smartphone. We have come to know that the Tesla smartphone will be available both online and offline. You can buy this Smartphone from Tesla’s showroom. US buyers can also get the Tesla Model Pi via home delivery in various US states after ordering. We also hope that you will be able to buy this modern Smartphone very easily from Amazon or Best Buy after its release.

New Tesla Phone Pic

Tesla Phone Pi Battery Life & Fast Charging

The Tesla Pi 5G would probably have a longer battery life to keep up with the demands of power-hungry apps and a 5G connection. You might remain connected and productive throughout the day with effective power management and optimization. Fast charging capabilities would also enable you to swiftly top up the battery in your smartphone, reducing downtime and keeping you mobile.

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Tesla Phone Images

Where To Buy Tesla Pi Phone?

Once announced, Tesla Pi 5G 2023 pre-orders may be available. Customers may obtain their phone first by pre-ordering. Tesla’s website or authorized retailers provide pre-orders. Visit the Tesla website or follow Tesla on social media to learn about pre-order availability, pricing revisions, and where to purchase the Tesla Phone 2023.

When Will the Tesla Pi Phone be Available?

The Tesla Pi 5G despite its power, has no release date or marketing campaign. Given the expected technological advancements, the development procedure should take longer if the authorities want to make sure the device is ready. Thus, Tesla Phone Pi 5G enthusiasts must wait for fresh details.  Although there is no official release date, it is reasonable to expect that waiting will result in a breakthrough mobile device with unequaled processing capability.

Tesla Pi Images

Tesla Phone Price in Qatar 2023

Qatari citizens have a good per capita income. There has already been a lot of curiosity in Qatar about the market price of the Tesla phone. It is not possible to say any price until the moment release of this phone. But we are hopeful that the phone will have a market price of 3641 Qatari Riyals when it is released in Qatar.

Tesla Phone Price UK 2023

Tesla is coming up with amazing inventions in the mobile world to surprise you all. For those who are looking to buy a stylish and sophisticated phone, the Tesla phone can be an excellent choice. If you’re looking for an alternative to the iPhone, the Tesla Phone is worth considering. The Tesla Phone can come in at £1,099 in the United Kingdom.

Tesla Phone Price Singapore 2023

Tesla Phone is a new Smartphone that promises great features at an affordable price Tesla Company has not yet officially announced the price of the Tesla Phone in Singapore, but we expect it to be around SGD 990. But we expect to get this latest phone in December 2023 or early 2024.

What Tesla Phone Does Elon Musk Use?

Elon Musk has never officially announced his interest in a single phone brand. He talked about his iPhone and iPad usage in the interview. We can say that Elon Musk is an Apple user like millions of other people. However, it is not certain which version of iPhone Musk is using. iPhone 12/13 model – can probably use iPhone 13. Since Elon Musk is a techie, it stands to reason that he can use the latest and greatest phones that Apple has made.

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Tesla Phone Pi Star Link:

Musk is rumored to be talking about a Tesla Pi Smartphone that could be connected to the Star Link LEO network. ADR Studio says the proposed Tesla Smartphone could offer “native connectivity” to Star Link satellites. SpaceX is said to have just started rolling out basic roaming features on Star Link. Tesla has neither confirmed nor denied the existence of Star Link on Smartphones. The craze around this imaginary phone is growing. Many reports say that the phone can directly act according to the thoughts of your brain.

Tesla Phone GSM Arena:

GSM Arena is a Famous Smartphone website & news portal. Undoubtedly the information mentioned on this site is reliable. This website analyzes all Smartphone-related information accurately and presents accurate information. Phone lovers from all over the world want to know about the Tesla Pi Phone from the GSM arena. We have learned from GSM Arena that this new phone could arrive in December 2023.

Tesla Phone Price in USA 2023:

The phone is sure to be a hit with buyers. The Tesla model phone can come in two different versions. The standard model could be as much as $800 to compete with Apple and Samsung offerings. But we’re hoping for around $999.


The New Tesla Phone 2023 might revolutionize smartphones. This smartphone’s Tesla design, cutting-edge technology, and seamless connection with the Tesla ecosystem might revolutionize the user experience. As we anxiously anticipate its introduction, the Tesla Phone Pi’s success will determine Tesla’s supremacy in yet another technological industry. We will try to solve your problem as soon as possible with a current answer. You May Also Like – #Teslapi5g2023, #TeslaPi2023, #TeslaModelPiPhone2023, #TeslaPhoneReleaseDate2023, #Teslapiprice2023, #Newteslaphone2023, #Teslapiphone5g2023, #Teslapi2023price,

Disclaimer: The Tesla Phone Pi 5G 2023 Price and release date shown may be different from the actual product. We cannot guarantee that the above information is 100% Correct. Thank You Very Much.

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