Best Way You Can Make Butter Nan Sitting at Home

Make Butter Nan

How to Make Butter Nan Sitting at Home? Nowadays a variety of food is available in restaurants. However, one of the most popular foods is naan. But I can easily make butter-nan sitting at home. So today we will learn more about how to make butter naan at home. Let’s find out the recipe for making butter naan

What is naan bread or butter naan bread?

Before making butter naan at home, you need to know what naan bread or butter naan is! It is a kind of bread whose first expression is found in various notes of the Indo-Persian poet Amir Kushru. From there it is found that thick bread baked in a special oven or thinner in Delhi’s Imperial Coat.

How To Make Butter-Nan Sitting At Home
How to Make Butter-Nan Sitting at Home

What is needed to make naan bread or butter naan bread?

1. Take 1 cup of transparent flour


2. Take clean yeast, 1 teaspoon

3. Good sour yogurt – 2 tablespoons

4. Salt as you need


5. Soybean oil – 1 tablespoon

6. Like the amount of cow’s milk, the yolk is hot

7. Amount of 2 tablespoons of butter


8. Coriander leaves chopped into small pieces – 1 tbsp

How to make Butter Nan

First take lukewarm milk in a bowl.

Then mix yeast and sugar with milk and cover.

Leave this milk mixture for about 10 minutes.

Now take another separate clean pot.

Ethan add flour, salt, sour yogurt and oil.

Pour the milk and yeast solution into this flour mixture and mix well.

Then make the yeast like bread yeast.

Then apply a small amount of oil on the yeast.

Cover this yeast in a warm place.

In this way the yeast should be left for one to one and half hours.

Divide the covered yeast into 4 parts.

Then wrap each part well in a circle.

Cover these yeasts again for 15 minutes.

Now add a little flour to the balls, then take a little thicker sand from the bread with it.

Then heat it with a pan in the oven.

When the pan is hot, keep the stove on medium to slightly higher heat.

Take 1 cup of water in a bowl.

Mix 1/2 teaspoon of salt in water.

Sprinkle a very small amount of that water in the hot pan.

Apply a small amount of this water on one side of the bread.

Now when the water in the pan is completely dry, leave the bread.

Make sure that the side on which the water is applied falls on the pan.

When the bread starts to rise, turn the pan over with the bread on the stove.

Even though you are not supposed to read bread, keep this in mind.

Again, make sure that the bread does not stick to the oven at all.

This can burn more bread.

When the bread starts to turn a little brown, pick up the bread and place it on a plate.

Now melt the butter in a bowl and mix coriander leaves with it.

Then brush the butter well on the hot naan.

Butter naan is ready 🙂 then serve it. This is the recipe for making butter naan.

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