Lamborghini Revuelto 2024 v12 Price and Engine Details

Lamborghini Revuelto 2024 v12 is a very good model new automobile As always, this time Lamborghini is for a new popularity. Thus the competition between the angry bull from sant’s Agata Bolognese and the prancing horse from Modena moved on into a new territory. Its lower bumper sported two massive scoops on the sides that flanked a center-mounted lower grille needed not just for creating down force but also to cool  the battery pack. The cabin was moved forward thus creating a similar shape to the one from the Sian. In addition at the back the Revuelto featured tow high-mounted exhausts. Inside the manufacturer placed a set of bucket seats and a tall center console between them which hosted the start button and the gearbox’s buttons. Apart from the vertical center-mounted touchscreen. The engine and all the facilities of this new Lamborghini model are detailed below….

Lamborghini A

Model And Release Date:

Model Production year Release date
Lamborghini Revuelto V12 2023 In 2024

Price :

2024 Lamborghini Revuelto LB744 with a 1015 HP hydride v12 starts at a base price of $60,000 to 546,328. In 2024 Lamborghini v12 engine : a 6.5 liter v-12,Intenion: spacious, Luxuries and comfortable , Features: 1000.

Engine Specs-6.5L v12 7AT AWD (1015 HP) :

Cylinders: V12.

Displacement: 6498 Cm3.

Power: 606.8 kw @9250 RPM.

825 HP @9250 RPM.

814 BHP @9250 RPM.

Electrical motor power: 220 kw (299 HP).

Total Maximum power: 746.5 kw (1015 HP).

Fuel Plug-in: Hybrid.


  • Top speed: 217 mph (349km/h).
  • Torque: 595 IB-ft.
  • Horsepower: 1001 HP.
  • Acceleration 0-62 Mph (0-lookph): 2.5 s.


  • Privet type: All wheel Drive.
  • Gearbox: 8-speed automatic DCT.


  • Front: Ventilated Discs.
  • Rear: Ventilated Discs.


  • Tire size: 265/35 ZR20//345/30ZR2/.

Lamborghini B


Length width Height Front/rear Track Wheelbase Unlade weight
194.8in (4948mm) 80 in (2032mm) 45.7 in (1161 mm) 67.7167 in (1,720/1,702mm) 109.4 in (2779 mm) 3907 IBS (1772 kg)


Power pack: Lithium-Lon high spec tic. Power battery whit pooch cells.

  Body style : Coupe (tow- door).

Called the Revuelto the new flagship is a hybrid with a naturally aspirated V12 and three electric motors set to usher in a new era for the storied Italian brand Revuelto also roughly translates to scrambled an ode to the bull wild personality and the car’s complex drivetrain.

Looks-wise the Revuelto is unmistakably Lamborghini. The designers have done well. There are several Y-shaped accents scattered throughout that remind us of Lamborghini’s limited-run hyper car including the daytime running light but overall.. It helps the inside the Revuelto you well find not one. The first is for the 12.3-inch gauge cluster and showing things like speed and energy consumption.Lamborghini D

After its release in 2023 the brand will introduce a hybrid Urus in 2024 before revealing the Hurricane’s replacement also a hybrid at the end of 2024We have at least a decade of exciting Lamborghini on the way. Lamborghini has not compromised on safety in the Revuelto V12 2024. The car features an array of advanced driver assistance systems and including adaptive and automatic emergency braking. These technologies work together to provide a safe secure driving experience and whether you are pushing. The car’s limits on the track or cruising through city streets.

In terms of technology the Revuelto boasts a cutting-edge infotainments system with a large touchscreen display and Apple car play and Android auto compatibility. The driver digital instrument cluster provides real-time performance data and navigation assistance.

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