Honda NSX 2023 Full Specifications And Price

Honda NSX 2023 Full Specifications And Price: Hello guys, we all know that Honda is a multinational automobile company all over the world. It’s a Japanese brand. They decided to launch a new model of Honda NSX Type S in late 2023. Today we will discuss about that topic.

2023 Honda NSX Specs And Price

After sliding Honda NSX in the United States market the Honda NSX Type S finally paved in his homeland, Japan. They have decided to present it in their home country, called Japan, as a limited number of 30 units.

Honda NSX Type S will only be produced as many as 340 units and the mostly available for the United States market up to 300 units.

May be the Honda NSX Type S in Japan costs 27,940,000 yen or the equivalent of $256,400. most expensive than the US version. And if you want to know the exact price, you can check directly on the official Honda website or in Honda showroom.

Japanese and American NSX Type S Specifications

The Honda NSX Type S version in the Japanese market is made with a 3,492 cc twin-turbo V6 engine capacity equipped with a three-motor Sport Hybrid SH-AWD hybrid operating system.

The engine with three electric motors are claimed to be able to churn out attached power of 610HP and a expecting maximum torque of 667 Nm.

Besides, the American version, there is no change from the engine part, but the Japanese version of the engine also gets opened on the turbo, cooling machine, transmission parts, and electric motor.

Honda Nsx 2023
Honda NSX 2023

The Japanese version of the Honda NSX Type S also brings a fierce design and aerodynamic features same to present American version of the Type S.

The only difference is Honda has changed the special Gotham Gray Matte color to Carbon Matte Gray which is a step darker.

Second differences is like as the interior which has adopted the position of the right steering wheel rather than the left steering wheel.

Honda’s global electrification plans shown as sports cars, solid-state batteries and a new EV platform.

Honda company owner has committed to launching 30 upcoming pure-electric vehicles globally as part of an ambitious electrification strategy announced today.

Honda has declared its shift to electrification, pledging to achieve annual EV equipment’s volumes of more than two million units before 2030, ushering in solid-state battery technology and launching a twins of all-electric sports car flagships.

Honda has decided to achieve net carbon neutrality by 2050 that’s why they think electrification is needed, just not a mere replacing of engines with batteries”


They allocate to make a hydrogen powertrains and battery-swapping hardware eight trillion yen. As a means of facilitating the phase-out of combustion powertrains over the next 10-11 years. On the other hand, five trillion yen is reserved exclusively for “electrification and software technologies development.

Also Honda has given optional details of its rapid-fire global EV roll-out in the run-up to 2030, which most shocking part is like to include an all-electric successor to the Honda NSX supercar and a bold grand toured flagship.

“Honda always has a passion to offer satisfaction for its customers,” the company said, they don’t give any details of the new sports cars but promising they will continue to awarded a sports mindset and distinctive characteristics.

Present time Honda NSX is called as its third generation as a 421kW hybrid with a mid-mounted V6 and will bow out of manufacturing at the end of this year. This present announcement is the first official goal is Honda plans to remain in the supercar segment as it transforms its business

Already, in North America Honda preparing to launch two ‘mid-to-large’ electric SUVs in partnership with local General Motors in 2024. And after three years later they will launch a range of ‘affordable’ EVs with a cost and range that will be as competitive as petrol-fuel led cars. Meanwhile, Honda also planning to open a new EV factory in North America.

In China market it will launch at least 10 new EVs before 2027 and in its home market Japan, it will launch with a small commercial EV. Before introducing larger capacity passenger cars, introduced a new electric SUV.

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