Who is Honda Company Owner?

Who’s Honda Company Owner? Honda Owner is Soichiro Honda. He is a Japanese manufacturer and engineer who also founded and owns the Honda company. He was born in Shizuoka prefecture  on November 17, 1906 and died in Tokyo on August 1991. But currently the owner of the Honda company is working as the chief executive officer of the Toshihiro Mibe hero company.

Scichiro Honda
Scichiro Honda


Soichiro Honda Biography: Honda Company Owner

Honda Motor Company was founded by Honda in October 1946. He had a keen interest in automobiles from an early age. With which he would carve plants and participate using his friend’s garage. As he grew up he decided to enter the automobile industry. Soon his efforts paid off and he got a contract to produce piston rings for the main manufacturer Toyota. But unfortunately he lost the contract that time as his product did not meet the required standards. So he went to various factories in Japan to find ways to improve engine quality by making efficient piston rings. He went there and quickly found an automated process. In this automated process he took help from unskilled unemployed workers and used them to produce high quality piston rings. Toyota later became impressed with his product and bought it in 1941.

1930 Honda
1930 Honda

After success in this, he started a new company called Tokay Se Ki to make his products on a larger scale. And he bought 40% of the Toyota company soon after making it big. Toyota and officials can build a long business relationship. But one disaster after another has cost him a large part of his company. This loss forced him to sell the rest of his company to Toyota that year. In 1946 he established the Honda Technical Research Institute to sell customer bicycles with attached motors. Which was 170 Sq feet and had only 12 employees.

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Honda Motors Limited Company Details

In 1949, through years of hard work, Honda and his team were able to release the Model D. Which was a first and complete motorcycle made with their own machine. This newly released motorcycle was soon in demand as a cheap car. By 1964 the Honda Company was the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world. They did not stop there after becoming bigger companies but tried to improve during that time. They were able to release their first four wheeler in 1963 in the form of a 360 mini pickup truck.

Frist Honda Bike
Frist Honda Bike

Honda Evolution information

Soon they began to expand their vehicular fairy city. They built their first car which they called S500 Spot Car. In 1964 Tara entered the luxury car segment and launched the highly successful Acura. In 1991 they released the Honda NSX supercar which was the latest convertible. The Honda NSX Super featured the V6 engine with Val Timing. After they discovered these their success knew no bounds as they continued to invent more engine generator motor pumps.

Honda has gained a lot of ground since its creation of this larger and more technological variety of electronics. Then after starting the engine they reached a figure of 15 million in 2012 Honda. Honda is an industrial company considered to be the eighth largest automobile manufacturer in the world. In 2012, Honda had over $99 billion in revenue, of which $3 was annual profit. Honda now has more than 175,000 employees. Honda has come a long way to evolve as a company.

As of 2013 it has released more than 30 models of cars year after year with best performance year after year. The Honda company is on the edge of selling price but has managed to reposition itself differently as one of the biggest players in the international automobile market. Ever since Honda claimed this position in 1964, it has gained a reputation as one of the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturers. Today you can’t see many roads without driving past a Honda Torii car.

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