2023 Honda Fit RS Official Price and Release Date

2023 Honda Fit RS: Hi friends, this is fun time because in late 2023 Hondas RS model comes with a new product which name is 2023 Honda Fit RS/Jazz. It’s totally comes with a new hot feature. They developed their full control panel, like fast Audis and Fords, sportier derivative, aggressive appearance and many more.

2023 Honda Fit RS

Honda unveiled the fourth-generation Fit/Jazz and it’s already previewing a nip and tuck for the cutesy super mini in October 2019. Seen here is the JDM-spec sketch preview ahead of its fall release with a remake lineup as visitors will get to pick from the following trim levels: Its Basic, Home model are like Luxe, Crosstar, and RS. Stylize pint-sized city car is getting the RS treatment, but not as many as you think it’ll be a fully-fledged hot hatch.

While we usually cooperate the “RS” badge with fast Audis and Fords, Honda uses the append, in an optional markets as a slightly sportier derivative of a model. Because, the Civic RS Sedan shown at the bottom has a more aggressive look, but it’s so far from being the Si structure. It’s the same operating system with the new Fit RS, no more changes, albeit we’re being told it will have more capacity than the lesser versions of the small hatchback.

Honda Fit RS engine capacity

generally this is technically only a preview, Honda doesn’t share any details about the Fit RS. We do know it has a solid configuration of the hybrid setup, which shows the sole powertrain available on the Euro-spec RS/Jazz. On the Old version, the B-segment car has a attached output of 109 hp or 80 kW and 253 Nm or 187 lb-ft of torque to reach 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) run in 9.4 seconds en route to a top speed of 109 mph or 175 km/h.

2023 Honda Fit RS

On the other hand, Honda is promising to increased motor power and improved acceleration compassionate, along with a Fit RS-newly driving mode switch to choose from Normal mode, Sports car, and Econ mode. The few member of the family also gets a deceleration elector represented by paddles mounted, on the behalf of the steering wheel to control the regenerative braking in the same vein as with the Clarity.

Finally, it’s essential to note the RS will be available strictly with front-wheel drive whereas other blow up – together with the Crosstar – are given with AWD in the Land of the Rising Sun. The performance-oriented Fit will comes with slightly sportier exterior styling and yellow stitching inside the home. As with all other RS levels, the Honda Sensing array of safety tech will be highly standard.

Day by day the Honda Fit in the United States at the end of the previous generation’s life cycle and is unlikely to get it back. It remains to be seen whether markets apart from of Japan will get the RS following its home-grown launch this fall.

Company and model information

Made In Japan
Model name 2023 Honda Fit RS
Body Type Hatchback
Introduction Date Not reviled
Colors custom


Transmission type 6-Speed Manual Continuously Variable Automatic.

Full Engine

Engine Power 130 at 6600 rpm
Engine Type 1.5L Inline-4 Gas
Torque 114 at 4600 rpm
Minimum Turning Radius38.1 ft.
Steering type power
No. of Cylinders 4 Cylinders
car Weight 2,553 lbs.
Wheel Base 99.6 in
Boot Space 409 L
Ground Clearance 4.4 in
Steering Gear Type Rack-Pinion
Height 67 in
Length 161 in
width 67 in
Brake Disc (ABS)
Fuel Type Petrol
Mileage on Highway 36 MPG
Mileage in City 29 MPG

Friends, we think this is not much details information about that car. Though this is not enough but if we reach to get you a few knowledge please share it with your friends. But if you want to know more please visit Honda’s official website. Thanks for giving us your most valuable time and reading our content.

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